divyachetna divyachetnanand Siddhashram Nikhileshwaranand Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali, Baba Bhootnath, Sadhna, mantra tantra yantra

divyachetna divyachetnanand Siddhashram Nikhileshwaranand Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali, Baba Bhootnath, Sadhna, mantra tantra yantra

Divya Chetna


Tantra is an ancient art of solving the routine problems of our everyday life and attaining the ultimate internal peace.


There are two essential questions in life, which a majority of common people do not even think about: Why have we come on Earth? What is the purpose of our living? In fact, living our lives today, we are constantly thinking of what will happen tomorrow. We are also in a constant worry about the fact that we cannot control our future.


At this very point the Tantra helps. Historically, Tantra is the way of devotional worship which was originally given by Lord Shiva to Goddess Parvati and later on was subsequently passed on to humans.

The Main Deites of Tantra are as follows:

1. Lord Shiva - Is the founder of the entire Tantra and the embodiment of the Supreme Divine Power.

2. Lord Vishnu - Is the second major power in Tantra.

3. Nav Grah - Though the literal translation is Nine Planets, but it is not the same as normal planets. The Nine Planets as per Hindu system or Astrology or Kundli are: Surya (often referred to as Ravi or Sun - The Leader of nine planets), Chandra (also called Som or Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budh (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu (Node) and Ketu (Anti - Node).

4. Bhairav – Is the essential controller. In general, He can be referred to as the police force for the unseen forces.

5. Pitra - Our ancestors in their astral form.

6. 10 Mahavidyas - Form the central core of Tantra and have a major role in overcoming problems of life and providing total happiness.


In addition to the above mentioned points there are other Deities like Kamakhya, Ganesh, and Hanuman, who are also central to Tantra.


Please note that as opposite to the idea of Tantra to normal people, Tantra is in fact a very simple, clear, and efficient way of finding mental peace, internal bliss, and total happiness in life.


Tantra does not involve animal sacrifice, dialog with spirits, or other abominable acts, which actually are simply not acceptable.

The concept of Tantra is based on fact that everything that is happening to an individual is a consequence of his/her Karma. The results of karma can last for generations at a stretch. Karma is not necessarily bears the immediate results, though, some of them can come at later stages i.e. in the future. Karma can reach a person in his/her present life or even in the upcoming life. The karmic results are given by multiple factors, the main of which are Navgrah, Kaal Bhairav, and our ancestors, who are manifested in their astral forms and not in physical ones. Karma is also affecting positions of the planets, which can give such results, as Kaal Sarp, Pitra Dosh, Shaap, etc.


This is what happens because of karmic reactions. On the other hand, there are other conditions, under which the results are not at all visible.


Tantra teaches us a technique that helps to come out of such kind of problems by using an effective and well-proved methodology. It takes time, but it surely bares the results. In short, if a person knows the origin of the problem, he/she targets its root by performing a particular type of worship and gets the problem solved. If such worship continues for a longer period of time, a particular planet or Devi/Shiva becomes pleased and the rest of the person’s life is automatically taken care of. Under such condition the person has no reason to worry, since the solutions on all existing problems are always at hand.

Swami Divya Chetnanand (Ranjeet Chaube) is a yogi of Siddhashram and is a disciple of Shree Nikhileshvaranand (Dr. Narayandutt Shrimali) from Jodhpur and Shree Baba Bhootnath of Lucknow. His gurus also belong to Siddhashram.

Siddhashram is a heavenly abode of highly accomplished divine Saints. This is a place where all the saints go, to get all their spiritual training and also reside there after they leave their physical body. Saints like Saibaba, Jesus, Mahavatar baba, Yoganand, Ramkrishna Paramhansa are few of the divine personalities who are present there.

Swami Divyachetnanand is an Engineer by qualification from the prestigious Banaras Hindu University.

Divya Chetnanand


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