divyachetna divyachetnanand Siddhashram Nikhileshwaranand Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali, Baba Bhootnath, Sadhna, mantra tantra yantra

divyachetna divyachetnanand Siddhashram Nikhileshwaranand Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali, Baba Bhootnath, Sadhna, mantra tantra yantra

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Guruji is currently traveling in the U.S. giving discourses, talks and meeting interested people. After having met Guruji, more and more people are now joining the Divya Chetna mission in the U.S.

Navratri and other events

During the past couple of months, Rajrajeshwari Baglamukhi Siddh Shakti Peeth and Ashram had a number of powerful spiritually charged events.

Most prominent, has been the regular chanting of the Lakshchandi Durga Saptashati chants that had started beginning of ‘Navratri’ September last year and will continue till October  this year. It is a herculean effort on part of Gurudev, for world peace, harmony and protection from calamities.

Navratri is a very important event and comes twice in a year. This year’s first Navratri was celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. The nine day celebration and penance time was amazingly combined with ‘Navgraha Kotiarchan’ - a million plus chantings of special mantras evoking harmony and blessings from the nine planetary deities of the Indian spiritual system. Each day witnessed special rituals too, to appease deity of the day and receive their blessings.

In the concluding days, Guruji Swami Divya Chetnanand ji, along with the sages of Siddhashram, bestowed special ‘shaktipaat’, energy transfer and took all the present disciples into trance to have a glimpse of Siddhashram - the holiest land, which is in existence since time immemorial and is thriving with yogis and spiritual beings of the highest level.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Going through the pictures, during the spiritual events at the Bagla Ashram, one cannot  help, but notice the great fervor, enthusiasm, sincere zeal, and pious atmosphere. Some of the wonderful pictures that reveal these remarkable moments. Enjoy the ecstasy!!

Special Dhoop Arti pics from this Navratri (CLICK HERE TO SEE) show the mystical, enigmatic trance like atmosphere that was 

created, where in the holy smoke formed various figures and the goddesses walked all over. 

Some people felt their presence, some saw them, yet others remained simply mesmerized to the engrossing chants of 

'Mahishasur Mardini'. 

Navratri, indeed, is one special occasion at the Bagla Sidh Peeth in the presence of Gurudev and the evoked divinities.

Spiritual Life, have all the colors of life. Many serious and joyful moments.

More lovely moments.

Many devotees, spiritual aspirants, shared the wonderful experiences of their lives, as they move forward on the spiritual path. Many shared the changes that their lives witnessed with the help of, sadhnas (spiritual penances), Guruji and worship rituals at the Bagla Siddha Shakti Peeth and ashram.

Here, Aitree and Sharad Shringare, share some wonderful moments from their lives.

As the Navgraha Kotiarchan is about to commence, the favorable planetary mantras manifest their effects. For some sooner than later. Two disciples find a potential life partner in each other. Their horoscopes are matched, their hearts too. And we have another festivity the next day - engagement ceremony for Abhijeet Shetty and his lady wife to be, in the auspicious presence and with blessings of Shri Guru, Guru Mata, Maa Bagla, Matangi and the deities of the temple, ashram! Everyone is happy. Guruji says, this is manifestation of Ma Matangi’s blessings. What could’ve been better!! The occasion was celebrated well by the two families along with the larger family of the ashram.

21st April was Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranand ji’s birth anniversary. This event was marked by celebrations, special initiations, shaktipaat and sadhna.

Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranand ji

Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali ji.



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